Lower Back PainAfter started working out a couple of days a week at the company gym with weight and bike machines, I decided to incorporate running outdoors in my workout. So I added a short run around my neighborhood. Using Endomondo, my average run is approximately 2.2 miles. About a mile through the run, I experience lower back pain. So I learned more about lower back pain to reduce chances of injury and found the important information to reduce injury.

Impact from Running

During a run, the repetitive impact of your feet to the ground is energy your body must absorb. That amount of energy is directly correlated to the running surface. The concrete sidewalk is hard, and least ideal. A grassy field is soft and much more desirable. Along similar lines, your shoes can absorb some of the impact. Therefore, minimize impact from running by properly picking running shoes specifically designed for the running surface is critical.

Flat Feet and Body Asymmetry causes Over-pronation

The backache may be caused over-pronation (an excessive inward roll on your feet after landing) while running. Over-pronation can be caused by flat feet or other body asymmetry (such as one leg slightly shorter than the other, a curved spine, degenerating disc between the vertebrae of the spine). A few free solution to over-pronation is to focus on each step and actively attempt the correct your running form, stretch before and after the run, and rest between runs. Additionally, buy properly casted foot orthotics or arch support can helps to relieve back pains. Lastly, finding a chiropractor who deals with gait issues is a possibility.